Wednesday 23 March 2016

SHOW-OFF AND TELL #25 - J.R. Park - Upon Waking

#25, can you believe we have reached the quarter century already?

This week’s big show-off is a book I read recently that still brings tears to my eyes. Upon Waking by Justin Park.

This was my first foray into the writing world of Mr Park. I had sampled his wares, so to speak, as one third of the wonderful Sinister Horror Company, with the production of such beauties as, The Black Room Manuscripts: Vol 1. If you like anthologies, this is one for you. Super stories and all proceeds go to charity

Also watch out for Vol 2 coming soon with another fantastic line up.

So, back to Upon Waking. Why did it bring tears to my eyes?

Number one was this beautiful hard backed copy that appeared out of nowhere. I was so grateful to Justin for this one.

This is my copy:

Number two reason for bringing tears to my eyes was the story itself. You can read my review via the links at the bottom of the page but be prepared. Mr Park demonstrates that even though he is a really decent chap, when he writes stuff, he is one of the sickest individuals I know of.

Pain. Pain is why you will have tears in your eyes when you read it.

To read my review of The Black Room Manuscripts: Vol 1 see here.

To read my review of Upon Waking, see here.

To buy Upon Waking, visit here:

J. R. Park is a writer of Horror Fiction based in Bristol, UK.

Regularly citing Guy N Smith as an influence and inspiration, it was an interview with the said author in Darkside Magazine that was the catalyst for Park to begin his career in literature.

He writes his books as if they were video nasties beamed straight from the golden era of exploitation cinema.

And for more about Justin, visit his site or find him on social media:

Website – Facebook – Twitter – Goodreads – Amazon Page

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