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This will eventually be updated with all of my reviews to date. I have about 190 so please be patient, they will all be here before you are too old.

Reviews I have completed before setting this blog up will NOT have full author details, pictures, links and book blurb. Apologies for that but I only have so much free time between reading. ☺

Adam Cesare - Mercy House

Adam Cesare - The First One You Expect

Adam Howe - Die Dog or Eat the Hatchet

Adam Howe - Die Dog or eat the Hatchet - Reviewed by Matthew Cash

Adam Howe - Tijuana Donkey Showdown

Adam Millard - The Bad Game

Adrian W. Lilly - The Moon In Your Eyes - Reviewed by Chad

Alex Kimmell - the Idea of North

Andrew Lennon - Keith

Andrew Lennon and Georgia Lennon - A Taste of Fear

Andrew Van Wey - A Hollow Dream: Eternal Autumn ( A Hollow Dream Season Two )

Angela Marsons - Silent Scream ( D.I. Kim Stone #1 )

Angela Marsons - Evil Games ( D.I. Kim Stone #2)

Angela Marsons - Lost Girls ( D.I. Kim Stone #3 )

Angela Marsons - Play Dead (D.I. Kim Stone #4)

Brett McBean - The Invasion

Brett McBean - The Invasion - Reviewed by Chad

Brian Barr - Carolina Daemonic: Confederate Shadows

Bryce Allen - The Spartak Trigger

Caroline Mitchell - Don't Turn Around

Caroline Mitchell - Time To Die

Caroline Mitchell - The Silent Twin

Chad Lutzke - Of Foster Homes and Flies

Christina Bergling - Savages

Christina Bergling - The Waning

Christine Hayton - Scarecrows

Craig Saunders - Left To Darkness

Christopher Irvin - Federales - Reviewed by Kit Power

Dallas Mullican - A Coin For Charon (Marlowe Gentry Book 1)

Daniel Marc Chant - Mr Robespierre

Daniel Marc Chant - Aimee Bancroft and The Singularity Storm

Daniel Marc Chant - Into Fear

Dark Chapter Press - Kill For A Copy - Anthology

Dark Chapter Press - Eight Deadly Kisses - Anthology

Dark Chapter Press - Kids

David C. Hayes - Greasepaint

David Bernstein - Skinner

David Bernstein - Goblins

David Bernstein - A Mixed Bag of Blood

David Bernstein / Adam Cesare / Shane McKenzie / Kristopher Rufty - Jackpot

David Bernstein - The Sludge

David Dubrow - The Blessed Man and the Witch

David Dubrow - The Nephilim and the False Prophet

David Owain Hughes - White Walls and Straitjackets

Domino Finn - Shade City: The Dead Side Blues

Duncan P Bradshaw - Class Three

Duncan P Bradshaw - Those Who Survive (Class Four #1)

Duncan P Bradshaw - Prime Directive

Duncan P Bradshaw - Hexagram

Duncan Ralston - Gristle and Bone: 7 Tales of Delectable Terror

Duncan Ralston - Salvage

Duncan Ralston - Every Part of the Animal

Duncan Ralston - Woom: An Extreme Horror - Reviewed by Alex

Eric J. Gates - Outsourced

Erik Hofstatter - The Pariahs

Erik Hofstatter - Katerina

Erik Hofstatter - Amaranthine and Other Stories

Erik Hofstatter - Rare Breeds

Evans Light - Screamscapes: Tales of Terror

Evans Light / Adam Light / Edward Lorn / Gregor Xane / Jason Parent - Dead Roses: Five Dark Tales of Twisted Love

Evans Light / Adam Light / Edward Lorn / Gregor Xane / Jason Parent - Bad Apples: Five Slices of Halloween Horror

Evans Light / Adam Light / Edward Lorn / Jason Parent / Gregor Xane / Kealan Patrick Burke - Bad Apples 2: Six Slices of Halloween Horror

Evans Light / Adam Light / John McNee / Craig Saunders / Gregor Xane / Mark Matthews / Edward Lorn / Jason Parent - Bad Apples 3: Seven Slices of Halloween Horror

Frank Westworth - First Contact and Four Cornered JJ Stoner short stories.

Frank Westworth - The Corruption of Chastity (Killing Sisters #2)

Frazer Lee - The Leper Window

Geoff Brown - SNAFU: Heroes: An Anthology of Military Horror

Glen Krisch - Arkadium Rising ( Brother's Keeper #1 )

Glenn Rolfe - Abram's Bridge

Glenn Rolfe - Boom Town

Glenn Rolfe - Blood and Rain

Glenn Rolfe - Things We Fear

Glenn Rolfe - Chasing Ghosts

Greg F. Gifune - Devil's Breath

Harvey Click - Demon Frenzy

Harvey Click - Demon Mania

Hunter Shea - I Kill In Peace - Reviewed by Chad

Iain King - Secrets of the Last Nazi

Iain Rob Wright - Hot Zone: An MCU Thriller (Sarah Stone Book 2)

Iain Rob Wright - The Picture Frame: A Horror Novel

Iain Rob Wright - A is for Antichrist ( A-Z of Horror )

Iain Rob Wright - B is for Bogeywoman ( A-Z of Horror )

Iain Rob Wright - C is for Clown ( A-Z of Horror )

Iain Rob Wright - The Gates: An Apocalyptic Horror Novel

Iain Rob Wright - Wings of Sorrow

Ian and Rosi Taylor - The Other Boy

J. Scaddon - Harry Lane is Innocent

J.D. Barker - Forsaken

J.G. Clay - Tales of Blood and Sulphur

J.G. Faherty - Death Do Us Part

J.R. Park - Upon Waking

Jack Rollins - The Seance

Jack Rollins - The Cabinet of Dr Blessing

Jack Rollins - Tread Gently Amidst The Barrows

James Newman - Midnight Rain

James Newman - People Are Strange

James Raven - Dying Wish

Jason Murphy - Black Goat Motorcycle Club

Jason Parent - Seeing Evil

Jason Parent - Unseemly

Jason Parent - Where Wolves Run

Jason Parent - Wrathbone and Other Stories

Jasper Bark - The Final Cut - Reviewed by Chad

Jeffery X Martin - Hunting Witches: An Elders Keep Novel

Jeremy Thompson - The Phantom Cabinet

Jim Goforth - Undead Fleshcrave: The Zombie Trigger

Jon Bassoff - The Disassembled Man

Jon Bassoff - The Incurables

John C Foster - Mister White: The Short Story

John C Foster - Mister White: The Novel

John Connolly - A Song of Shadows

John Palisano - Dust of the Dead

John Vamvas and Olga Montes - Wherewolves

Jonathan Janz - The Nightmare Girl

Jonathan Janz - Wolf Land

Jonathan Janz - Children of the Dark

Karen Malena - Sound of Silence

Keith Deininger - Within

Keith Deininger - Marrow's Legacy (The Godgame #0)

Keith Deininger - The Godgame (The Godgame #1)

Keith Deininger - The Blood of Talos (The Godgame #2)

Ken Preston - Joe Coffin Season One

Ken Preston - Joe Coffin Season One - Reviewed by Kit Power

Kevin Lucia - Devourer of Souls

Kit Power - GodBomb!

Kit Power & Chris Barnes - GodBomb! Audio Book

Kristal Stittle - Merciless - Reviewed by Chad

Kristopher Rufty - The Lurking Season

Kristopher Rufty - The Vampire of Plainfield

Kyle M. Scott - Consumed Volume 2: A Horror Anthology

L.X. Cain - Bloodwalker

Lesley Conner - The Weight of Chains

Limitless Publishing - 13: An Anthology of Horror and Dark Fiction

Lisa Ballantyne - Redemption Road

Lisa Vasquez - The Anti-God (The Unsaintly Chronicles #1)

Mark Allan Gunnells - Fort

Mark Cassell - The Shadow Fabric

Mark Matthews - Milk Blood

Mark Matthews - All Smoke Rises: Milk-Blood Redux

Martin Mundt - Synchronized Sleepwalking

Marty Young - 809 Jacob Street 

Matt Darst - Freaks Anon

Matt Hickman - Jeremy

Matthew Cash - Ankle Biters: Don't Wake The Babies

Matthew Cash - Death By Chocolate

Matthew Cash - DeadBeard

Mercedes M. Yardley - Pretty Little Dead Girls - Reviewed by Alex

Mercedes M. Yardley - Apocalyptic Montessa and Nuclear Lulu: A Tale of Atomic Love

Michael Bray - The Island

Michelle Garza & Melissa Lason - Mayan Blue

Monica J. O'Rourke - What Happens in the Darkness

Nate Southard - The Slab City Event

Nuzo Onoh - The Sleepless

Onyx Neon Shorts - Horror Collection - 2015  

Patrick Lacey - A Debt to be Paid

Patrick Lacey - Sleep Paralysis

Patrick Lacey - Dream Woods

Paul Flewitt - Poor Jeffrey

Pembroke Sinclair - Life After the Undead

Peter C Middleton - The Britannia Conspiracy ( Britannia Chronicles Book 1 )

Peter C Middleton - The Britannia Contagion ( Britannia Chronicles Book 2 )

Peter Giglio - Shadowshift

Ray Garton -Vortex

Ricardo Bare - The Dogmen of Cedar Park (Cedar Park Tales Book 1)

Rich Hawkins - Fallen Soldier

Rich Hawkins - Scavengers

Rich Hawkins - King Carrion - Reviewed by Chad

Rich Hawkins - King Carrion - Reviewed by Alex

Robert E. Dunn - Motorman

Ronald Kelly - Fear

Russell James - Dark Inspiration

Russell James - Q Island

Sarah Rayne - Deadlight Hall: A Haunted House Mystery #5

Scott M. Baker - Yeitso

Shannon Kirk - Method 15/33

Simon R Green - The Dark Side of The Road

Sinister Grin Press - Cut Corners Volume 2

Stephen Kozeniewski - Braineater Jones

Stephen Kozeniewski - The Ghoul Archpelago

Steven Jenkins - Rotten Bodies: A Zombie Short Story Collection

Stuart Keane - Grin

Stuart Keane & Matt Hickman - Gemini

Stuart Park - Marked

Tamara Jones - Spore

Tim Curran - Doll Face

The Behrg - The Creation: Axis Mundi (Creation series #1)

The Sinister Horror Company - The Black Room Manuscripts: Vol 1

Thomas S Flowers - Dwelling (Subdue Book 1)

Thomas S Flowers - Emerging (Subdue Book 2)

Thomas S Flowers - The Incredible Zilch Von Whitstein

Thomas S Flowers - Reinheit

Thomas S Flowers - Lanmo

Todd Keisling - Ugly Little Things: Volume One

Toneye Eyenot - The Scarlett Curse: Sacred Blade of Profanity Book 1

Toneye Eyenot - Joshua's Folly: Sacred Blade of Profanity Book 2

Ty Arthur - Empty

Wayne Lemmons - The Story's Writer

William Malmborg - Blind Eye

William Malmborg - Santa Took Them

William Meikle - The Dunfield Terror

William Meikle - Blacktop

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