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If you are an author or publisher and you would like me to read and review a book for you then please make sure you read the following before contacting me:

I’m not very hard to figure out in the “what will he read” department. I will read horror and dark fiction of most varieties. Gore doesn’t bother me but sometimes I do have to draw the line at overly graphic torture scenes.

Mystery and thriller books are also a favourite and sometimes adventure or historical. I mostly enjoy thrillers with a political or Middle Eastern flavour to them and if they link into a story from ancient times all the better.

I will not under any circumstances read erotica or romance. Also if your book is classed as any of the genres I do enjoy, but has sexually explicit scenes, it may not be finished.

In terms of time frames, please be realistic. I would expect at least a couple of weeks to fit your book into any ongoing schedule I may have but cannot guarantee it to be done within that period. If you have a more urgent need for a review then please let me know and I would try and accommodate you.

My reviews are always 100% honest, whether it be a 5 star or a 1 star review. I will always post my reviews regardless of the rating to my blog, Amazon and Goodreads. The only exception to this is if I could not finish your book for whatever reason. In this instance I will not publish a review as, in my opinion, this would not be fair for you, the author, if I did not complete the whole book. In this case I would email you to let you know I have not been able to finish the book and give my thoughts on what I did read up to the point I stopped.

I accept requests from bestselling authors (if you’re lucky enough), self-published and indie authors.

I also accept requests to read ARCs but again please give me plenty of time to read and review before the expected publication date.

I do accept physical books or digital copies. Please be aware if you are sending a physical book, I am based in the UK so postal charges may be quite high if you would be shipping from outside the UK. If you do send a physical copy please make sure to sign it for me (little joke ;-) no seriously) for my collection. If you are sending a digital copy please try and make it a .mobi file or PDF.

I will also take part in beta reads. If you are trusting enough I would also partake of editing your book. This is something that I have had very little experience of so far but I am always willing to learn.

If you wish to send me a request or ask me anything, please email me at If your email is a request to review then please include the following:
  1. Your name and any links to your blog or website and Amazon page.
  2. The title, genre and page count for the book to be reviewed.
  3. An idea of the kind of feedback you want.
  4. A rough guide to the length of time I would have to complete the review.

I will also consider requests for guest posts on this blog and also for author interviews.

Please note I also reserve the right to refuse to review a book or post an interview.


My rating system is extremely simple:

★★★★★ = Absolutely loved it. Highly recommended.
★★★★ = Close to perfect but just lacked that little something.
★★★ = Liked it. Would read author again but not so recommended.
★★ = It held my attention but could have been a lot better.
 = Lucky I finished it.

For horror stories and dark fiction, I will also have the following rating:

★★★★★ = I need a change of pants.
★★★★ = This was verrrry creepy.
★★★ = Creepy with one or two jump out of my seat moments.
★★ = My dog was slightly scared.
 = There was an episode of Spongebob that scared me more.

For thrillers, they will also have this rating.

★★★★★ = Where are my blood pressure tablets?
★★★★ = Sat on the edge of my seat for half of it.
★★★ = Like a rollercoaster that breaks down a few times.
★★ = Count the thrills on two hands – just.
 = Spongebob chasing jellyfish is more thrilling.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this and again if you have any questions please email me at

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