Thursday 24 March 2016

COVER REVEAL: Motorman - Robert E. Dunn

One of the many things that I love about having Confessions of a Reviewer is getting the opportunity to meet and interact with new people in the writing world.

This happened very recently when I made a new acquaintance in writer, Robert E. Dunn. Now, I am sorry to admit, I didn’t know much about Robert before we virtually met but things have changed quite dramatically in that department over this past few months.

Robert has been a tireless supporter of Confessions, retweeting every single one of my Tweets on Twitter and sharing all the posts on Facebook. For this, I thank you sir. Support like yours means a lot to me.

So, time to give something back? Well, yeah, but I don’t really think of this as giving something back to Robert. I feel like he is giving to Confessions once again.

He asked if I would like to involved in the cover reveal for his new novella coming out in May. He won the stupid question of the day award that day.

So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I present to you the cover for the new novella from Robert E. Dunn, Motorman.

I have to admit to falling in love with this cover the very first time I opened the picture that was sent to me. The artwork is fantastic.

If you want to know more about the artist, Erik Wilson you can find him here:

This new novella will be released on 21st May by Necro Publications so make sure you note that in your diary. I will hopefully have a review up around that time as well but watch out for more details coming on a book tour.

Book Synopsis:

MOTORMAN is a fun and gruesome little novella. Think of it as a Frankenstein story with V8 power. Then add aliens and a few murders.

After running from some terrible actions that left his junkyard home destroyed and two people dead, Johnny Burris ends up in the Ozark hills looking for refuge. When mysterious, blue glowing objects in the night sky lead him into a community of automotive obsessed misfits, he thinks he's found home. In the little bit of nowhere, Missouri, the cars are all chromed and the engines built to race. So are the people.

Johnny slowly discovers that everyone in his new home has been altered with machine parts and the energy of the flying blue streaks that led him there. When it becomes clear that he is being groomed to become the new Dr./mechanic to the community, Johnny rebels and tries to run taking the one, unaltered girl with him. But the people, and the girl, turn out to be even more than he imagined. When he crashes in his escape, he becomes one of them by being bonded with a 1969 Camaro. The constant hum of the engine is the only thing that keeps him alive. His whole world becomes the one choice, live as a monster, making monsters, or die like a man. If he chooses to die, who will he take with him?

Robert Dunn (1960) was an Army brat born in Alabama and finally settled in Nixa, Missouri. A graduate of Drury College with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications/Film he also earned a second major in Philosophy with a minor in Religion and carried an emphasis in Theatre. This course of study left him qualified only to be a televangelist.

An award winning film/video producer and writer, he has written scripts for or directed every kind of production from local 30-second television commercial spots to documentary productions and travelogues.

A writer of blognovels and contributor to various fiction websites his work has also included the book length prose poem, Uncle Sam, the collection of short stories, Motorman and Other Stories and novel, Behind the Darkness.

Mr. Dunn now resides in Kansas City where he continues to write genre fiction and experiment with mixed media art projects using hand drawn and painted elements combined through digital paint and compositing.

And for more about Robert, visit his site or find him on social media:

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