Monday 25 July 2016

SHOW-OFF AND TELL #35 - Duncan P Bradshaw - Hexagram

#35 in the Show-Off and tell feature finishes off the Duncan P Bradshaw week.

It’s Hexagram.

This is one that just arrived in the post one day. I hadn’t been asked previously to review it so it just arrived in the post one day. Don’t get me wrong, I am certainly not complaining about that fact. I love getting books to review from Duncan and The Sinister Horror Company and they know my door is always open to them. It’s just an extra special surprise when it comes through the door totally unexpected. It’s like Christmas for a ten-year-old every time this happens to me.

The purpose of this one tonight is purely and simply, to show you what you get when you order a book directly* from Duncan at the Sinister Horror Company. They come to you in the normal brown box or standard jiffy bag but it’s what’s inside that will make you feel like the most special person in the world.

When you open the box or jiffy bag, you will be greeted by your book, wrapped in black tissue paper with the Sinister Horror Company sticker holding it all together.

*this is when you order directly from the SHC website, not from Amazon.

It looks like this:

Normally included with the book you will get a couple of bookmarks. Normally a Sinister Horror Company one if it is an anthology or one from the individual author. You might be lucky and get a couple of cards or something else special that they are doing at the time. I have seen people get patches for their holey jeans as well!

One other thing that you can always be assured of is that the cover for the book you have just bought will be of the highest quality ever. These guys know exactly how to do it when it comes to attracting your eye and filling your brain and heart with total desire and a need to buy the book.

This is Hexagram:

Also once you get inside you will probably see a lovely signature and, depending on whose book it is, a funny drawing of some sort. Duncan especially has a knack for filling them with little doodles to keep you amused.

I have only one picture of the inside of Hexagram. If I included all of the pictures I wanted to, there would be about fifty. The fonts, the design, the layout, it is all perfect. You can see immediately the effort that these guys put into their books and they are a true pleasure to own.

Hexagram is out now. You really need to buy it.

You can read my review of Hexagram at the bottom of the page.

You can buy Hexagram or indeed any of Duncan’s books here:



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