Wednesday 13 July 2016

SHOW-OFF AND TELL #34 - Matt Hickman - Jeremy: Evil Has One Name

#34 in the Show-Off and Tell is one of the first books I actually picked up in person.

It’s Jeremy: Evil Has One Name by Matt Hickman.

I recently met Matt at Emcon in Nottingham. This was my first con and to be honest the event itself fell a bit flat to me but grabbing some lovely books and getting the opportunity to meet some people for the first time and get them to sign their stuff was, for me, the highlight of the weekend.

I had a bit of a surprise for Matt that weekend as well in the form of a gift for him from my wife Jo. It was a rather fetching T-Shirt featuring the cover of Matt’s favourite book, with the touching slogan on the back which read: I Love The Horse Cock.

He was a good sport about it even though I didn’t see him wear it and he still signed the book for me!

This is my copy:

As I type this, I am preparing to go to Horror Con this weekend when I will once again see Mr Hickman. I am expecting the T-Shirt to be modelled this weekend!

I may even get you a picture if possible.

You can buy Jeremy or any other books by Matt here:


Matt is an avid fan of horror fiction. He spends a majority of his free time reading books from both established and independent authors. With a diverse knowledge of the genre, he has now tried his hand at writing horror. With the support of his peers, some of which are established writers themselves, he now approaches a new career, one that will see him take horror by storm. His influences lead right back to traditional horror writers such as Edgar Allen Poe, Bram Stoker and William Hope Hodgson through to the more traditional horror writers such as Stephen King, Richard Laymon, Dean Koontz, James Herbert and Clive Barker to newer names such as Alex Kava, JA Konrath, Bryan Smith, Matt Shaw, Michael Bray, Iain Rob Wright, Graeme Reynolds, Tim Miller and Ian Woodhead right the way through to emerging writers who are currently starting out such as Stuart Keane, Jack Rollins, Kyle M Scott, Andrew Lennon and Shaun Hupp.

He currently resides in Tipton, a small town in the West Midlands with his partner and two children. He travels the width breadth of the UK on a regular basis as a Sales Manager for a construction company.

His writing debut, a collaboration with Andrew Lennon; Hexad, is available now as a digital download or paperback from Amazon.

He has since been featured in an anthology by Matt Shaw - Behind Closed Doors, which is available for digital download now from Amazon, to be followed by inclusion into an anthology from Dark Chapter Press - Kids, and The Dichotomy of Christmas, featuring such established names as Graham Masterson and Kealan Patrick Burke.

And for more about Matt, visit his site or find him on social media:

WebsiteFacebook – Twitter – Goodreads – Amazon Page

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