Wednesday 22 June 2016

SHOW-OFF AND TELL #33 - Paul Flewitt - Poor Jeffrey

#33 in the Show-Off and tell is Poor Jeffrey by Paul Flewitt.

This book is unique for a couple of different reasons. Firstly, it was the first signed book given to me in person. I met Paul recently at Emcon in Nottingham and he was extremely eager to promote his books with whoever would listen.

Refreshing to see someone prepared to do anything to self-promote and get their stuff out there.

Also, this is the first thing I have read by Paul. I only vaguely knew him through Facebook before Emcon and that was only fleetingly. I didn’t even know he was an author to be honest.

During a couple of smokes outside a rather dreary Emcon, we got chatting about writing and reviewing and how hard both can be and Paul promised me a copy.

True to his word, as soon as we were inside, I got my copy.

This is it:

This one comes with an interesting introduction from Matt Shaw and gives a bit of insight into the book and how it came to be. When you read this, you may get a little bit of the picture as to the sort of character Mr Flewitt is. I, for one, will be picking up whatever he may bring out in the future.

This was a really good story.

You can buy Poor Jeffrey or any other books by Paul here:


Paul Flewitt was born and raised in Sheffield, Yorkshire where he still lives with his family. He is the father of two children and keeper of several beta reading demons.

Paul is a writer of horror and dark fantasy, and a former steel worker. He has contributed to several anthologies including OzHorrorCon's Book of the Tribes, his short story "Paradise Park" appears in the Thirteen vol 3 anthology.
Paul's debut novel Poor Jeffrey will be relaunched in April 2016.

Paul spends his time caring for his children and devotes much of his free time to writing his next works. He writes only for the thrill of scaring his readers in new and inventive ways.

And for more about Paul, visit his site or find him on social media:

 Facebook  Twitter  Goodreads  Amazon Page

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