Thursday 12 November 2015

SHOW-OFF AND TELL #14 - Kit Power - GodBomb!

#14 in my Show-off and tell is one of my most recent arrivals. I was expecting this one to come and almost sat on the front step watching for the postman to bring it to me, I was so excited to get my hands on it!

It’s the one and only GodBomb! by Kit power.

I, like many others, have been waiting for a long time to have this in my hands for a few reasons. Number one is purely and simply because it is an absolutely superb novel.

Kit Power has written something here that will stay with me for a very long time and he deserves every accolade coming to him for this work.

This is my copy:

Reason number two is because I simply wanted to have my own paper copy with the signature of the man himself on the inside. Knowing what a labour of love this has been for Kit, I wanted to be able to say I had a signed one.

Reason number three is a big honour for me. For the first time ever, I have my name on the outside cover of a book and I couldn’t think of a better book for this to happen with!

Now for those of you that don’t know (where have you been hiding), Kit is also the lead singer with a band by the name of The Disciples of Gonzo. When GodBomb! arrived, it had a little extra inside. The Disciples CD. Another thing I have wanted for a long time!

Thank you Mr Power. I hope this is the first of many of your books in my collection!

You can read my review of Godbomb! here.

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Kit Power lives in the UK and writes fiction that lurks at the boundaries of the horror, fantasy, and thriller genres, trying to bum a smoke or hitch a ride from the unwary.

In his secret alter ego of Kit Gonzo, he also performs as front man (and occasionally blogs) for death cult and popular beat combo The Disciples Of Gonzo,

And for more about Kit, visit his site or find him on social media:

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