Saturday 23 May 2015


I am very happy to announce that as part of her virtual promotional tour to promote the release of her new book Spore, housewife, quilter and killer of people on paper (read: massacring people to be honest, no messing about here!) – Tamara Jones will be appearing on the blog next week!

Monday 25th will see a very candid interview with Tamara where she talks about her life, her writing and of course the new novel Spore, being released by Samhain on 2nd June. Tamara proves in this interview that not only is her writing a thing of beauty but she can also turn some very mediocre questions into an extremely interesting interview.

I will be publishing my review of Spore the following night, Tuesday 26th.

Please pop along to the blog and show your support for a lady who makes her debut on Confessions of a Reviewer after a debut in my reading pile. I can assure you though, it will not be the last.

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