Thursday 12 January 2017


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it is with a very heavy heart that I must announce to you today that, this is the very last post I will ever be publishing on Confessions of a Reviewer.

This has been a fantastic journey for me and I have met some wonderful people over this past two years whom I cannot thank enough for their encouragement, help and support.

However, times change and I now feel that it is time for me and the blog to part company.


Did I have you going there? Did I?

Seriously though, this has been a wonderful two years getting to know you all virtually, and in person in some cases. Things have totally changed for me, going from the quiet man who used to sit and read all the time, to the opinionated reviewer that I am today.

Some people say it is good, some not so good. It seems to be working though so I will keep on doing what I am doing.

So, the new website will officially launch next Monday 16th January. It is not visible to any search engines just yet so you will not be able to see it until then.
I will obviously be sharing links everywhere in the world I can and hope you will as well to help me out.

There will also be a brand-new Confessions Facebook page coming that I will use for all the sharing I do so I will ask you all to give it a like when it pops its head up.

Only thing left to do now is thank you all once again and remind you to look out for the first night of the website, next Monday!

Oh!! Did I mention it is launching with a two-night interview with a living legend from the horror writing world?

Sorry, I forgot about that bit.

I wonder who it can be?

Watch out for this logo coming at you from all angles!

Thanks again for visiting Confessions of a Reviewer!



  1. I love that it all continues to evolve for you. Cheers, Nev!

  2. Pity you didnt mention your 1st 2 sons ....your real blood sons and not your wifes son therefore not yours

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

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