Thursday 10 November 2016

COVER REVEAL: Robert E. Dunn - The Harrowing

Robert E. Dunn. One of the gentlemen of the indie book world.

I have known Robert for a while now and I must say, from all of the interactions I have had with him, every single one has been an absolute joy. He is, without doubt, one of the most prolific supporters of Confessions, continually tagging, reposting and retweeting everything we do. For that, sir, we are eternally grateful.

Bit of a no brainer then when Robert contacted us to see if we could do the necessary and set up a cover reveal for his new book coming out. Even though Confessions is sort of semi closed at the minute, this is something we could just not refuse to do.

If you have seen any of Robert’s previous books, you will know he has a longstanding relationship with artist, Erik Wilson, who also designed the artwork for two of Robert’s previous books, Red Highway and Motorman. Both of those covers stand out when put on anyone’s shelf and I am sure you will agree when you see the new one that it is equally as fantastic.

The new book is due out on 25th November and, as usual, Confessions will keep you updated with the links to buy as and when they become available.

So, without further ado, Confessions of a Reviewer gives you, the cover for The Harrowing by Robert E. Dunn.

As I mentioned earlier, the artwork on this little beauty is by the wonderful Erik Wilson and if you would like to learn more about Erik or see more of his work, then visit here.

The Harrowing is not fully available for pre-order in advance of a November 25th release, yet.

As soon as it is though, Confessions will let you know in with another post.

Book Synopsis:

Andrew Jackson Presley, a damaged veteran at loose ends, learned the hard way--never trust an angel. Recruited by archangel Puriel for a harrowing, a descent into hell to rescue the innocent, the first thing he has to do is die in the grill of a Mack truck. From there, things only get worse.

Hell is a world of warfare, violence, and political intrigue. Heaven is an insulated club for angels, no humans allowed. The two worlds are at war. And there are secrets, buried in past lives, that make Jack the key to victory for both sides. After his entrance into hell drops him in the middle of gladiator style games against demons and hell spawn half-angels, Jack becomes an attraction, and the target of an archangel who’s leading the civil war against Satan. As he tries to finish his mission, he finds that the woman he’s to rescue is Orisa, someone he had loved and killed for in life. But Orisa is half-angel, with her own secret role to play in the war.

Negotiating brutal combat and angelic politics, Jack discovers that he was chosen for more than just his fighting skills. While magic, burned into him by angels, gets stronger, and the mystery of his past unravels, Jack learns his quest isn’t to save only one innocent person. With the help of Edgar Allan Poe, the Queen of Ghosts, an Earth Goddess, and the most beautiful woman in hell--Satan herself, Jack must stop the angel’s final battle from consuming Earth. Even as the truth takes shape and the plans of eternity are playing out, Jack raises the stakes. To save the world, he risks the entire universe by releasing the ancient gods imprisoned in hell.


Robert Dunn (1960) was an Army brat born in Alabama and finally settled in Nixa, Missouri. A graduate of Drury College with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications/Film he also earned a second major in Philosophy with a minor in Religion and carried an emphasis in Theatre. This course of study left him qualified only to be a televangelist.

An award winning film/video producer and writer, he has written scripts for or directed every kind of production from local 30-second television commercial spots to documentary productions and travelogues.

A writer of blognovels and contributor to various fiction websites his work has also included the book length prose poem, Uncle Sam, the collection of short stories, Motorman and Other Stories and novel, Behind the Darkness.

Mr. Dunn now resides in Kansas City where he continues to write genre fiction and experiment with mixed media art projects using hand drawn and painted elements combined through digital paint and compositing.

And for more about Robert, visit his site or find him on social media:

Website – Facebook – Twitter – Goodreads  - Amazon Page

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