Thursday 28 April 2016


So, this weekend Confessions is taking a break. We won’t be posting anything from tonight until probably Tuesday 3rd May.

This is largely due to me needing a break but also because I won’t be here!! I am heading to Nottingham for Emcon at the weekend.

This is going to be an experience for me because it is my very first con so I’m going to pop my cherry this weekend.

I am planning on meeting a few authors down there to finally put faces to virtual names and maybe have a beer or two. Oh, and maybe pick up a book or two!

If any of you are going to be down there (or up there) then make sure you say hello. I will be wandering around both Saturday and Sunday and I’m not that hard to notice – bald Irish bloke with specs and more than likely a metal T-shirt on. I would love to meet a few other people that I know of from here.

If you can’t make it, (Nelson voice) Ha Ha!

I’ll see you next week!


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