Monday 16 February 2015

REVIEW: Peter C Middleton - The Britannia Conspiracy (Britannia Chronicles Book 1)

Genre: Horror / Thriller
Publisher: Britannia Publications
Publication Date: 19th March 2014
Pages: 369


NOTE: This is an old review I did last year but just discovered book 2 in this series is out this week so thought I would give it a little bump up the list again. This is a really fun book by a really nice down to earth guy. Give it a whirl guys and spread the word. Thanks.

Another debut novel by someone I have never heard of......but I am very glad I've heard of him now. This book is so much fun!!

2000 years ago Boadicea drove the Romans from Britain, but thousands of Roman soldiers were slaughtered and buried in mass graves or simply where they fell. In the present day Liberius, who was Roman Tribune at the time and made immortal by a witches curse, has taken possession of the Amulet of Ankhef which gives him the power to raise and control the dead. He raises the bodies of every Roman soldier to fall on British soil in a bid to finally conquer Britain. It falls to a small band of everyday people to come together and trace the only ancient relic that can defeat Liberius and his hoard.
Fun fun fun. That's what you will have when you read this. Think Raiders of the Lost central London. It is so fast moving you don't get a minute to catch your breath. I couldn't put it down and read it in probably about 10 hours. It has sections of horror. It has sections of ancient history. Most of all from the first to last page it is a roller coaster of a thriller. Well written and obviously well researched it doesn't hold back on the action or the shock factor of taking out key players when you least expect it and the author isn't scared to completely wreck some of London's finest tourist attractions in the name of giving you fun!

Not sure if this will win any huge awards for literature but did I mention it's great fun?

5 fun filled stars from me!

General rating:

★★★★★ Absolutely loved it. Highly recommended.

Horror rating:

★★★★ This was verrrry creepy.

Thriller rating:

★★★★★ Where are my blood pressure tablets?

You can but The Britannia Conspiracy ( Britannia Chronicles Book 1 ) here:

If you get to The Britannia Contagion ( Britannia Chronicles Book 2 ) before I do then you can also buy it here:

Book Synopsis:

Legions of Roman soldiers, dead for nearly 2,000 years, rise from their graves, under London's streets, with an insatiable desire for vengeance, and a ravenous thirst for human blood.

When conventional weapons fail to destroy them, the nation's only hope lies with a few seemingly ordinary men and women who are willing to risk their lives in a battle against the living and the dead. They have just hours to find out why the Romans have returned and recover the one relic that can send this invincible army back to hell. If they fail, they will be the last heroes Britain will ever have, because the nation’s proud history will come to a devastating and cataclysmic end.

Peter was born in Lewisham, South East London in 1959, and at the age of twelve he went to a traditional English boarding school called Christ's Hospital in Horsham, Sussex.

The Britannia Conspiracy is his first novel and he loved writing it so much he's already hard at work on the sequel The Britannia Contagion which features the same characters. His novels are historical horror-thrillers which give people a great insight into British history while both entertaining and horrifying them!

Peter is delighted to take part in interviews, even for the lowly blogger.

You can see more about Peter at his website.

Peter's author page is here.

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