Wednesday 18 November 2015

SHOW-OFF AND TELL #15 - Kealan Patrick Burke - Xmas Card

#15 in the Show-off and tell is probably one of the first things that was added to my new signed collection. This was a surprise when I got it because it was organised by my beautiful wife Jo.

Back in 2012 I was having a difficult time and as a surprise Jo wanted to get me something nice to cheer me up. At the time I was ranting and raving about the books of Kealan Patrick Burke, having just completed the Timmy Quinn series of books. She contacted Kealan and asked if he could send me a Xmas card.

This is what arrived.

Now this may seem pretty simple to people who don’t read books and aren’t in constant awe of authors and the joy they can give us readers. Getting a signed book is easy enough. You can pick them up at cons and even buy them direct from authors nowadays. Getting a Xmas card though from an author, firstly willing to do this for you and secondly taking the time to send it is pretty special.

Mr Burke even did a bit of showing off himself demonstrating his prowess at original Xmas art!

If you haven’t read anything from Kealan Patrick Burke yet, you have no idea what you’re missing. Go remedy that immediately. He has even just released his new novella, Sour Candy for your reading pleasure.

You can buy Sour Candy here:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

If you would like to help support Confessions of a Reviewer then please consider using the links below to buy any books from Kealan. This not only supports me but also lets me know how many people actually like to buy books after reading my reviews.


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Born and raised in Dungarvan, Ireland, Kealan Patrick Burke is the Bram Stoker Award-winning author of five novels (Master of the Moors, Currency of Souls, Kin, The Living, and Nemesis: The Death of Timmy Quinn), over a hundred short stories, four collections (Ravenous Ghosts, The Number 121 to Pennsylvania & Others, Theater Macabre, and The Novellas), and editor of four acclaimed anthologies (Taverns of the Dead, Quietly Now: A Tribute to Charles L. Grant, Brimstone Turnpike, and Tales from the Gorezone, proceeds from which were donated to children's charity PROTECT.)

Kealan has worked as a waiter, a drama teacher, a mapmaker, a security guard, an assembly-line worker at Apple Computers, a salesman (for a day), a bartender, landscape gardener, vocalist in a grunge band, and, most recently, a fraud investigator. He also played the male lead in Slime City Massacre, director Gregory Lamberson's sequel to his cult B-movie classic Slime City, alongside scream queens Debbie Rochon and Brooke Lewis.

When not writing, Kealan designs covers for print and digital books through his company Elderlemon Design. To date he has designed covers for books by Richard Laymon, Brian Keene, Scott Nicholson, Bentley Little, William Schoell, and Hugh Howey, to name a few.

In what little free time remains, Kealan is a voracious reader, movie buff, videogamer (Xbox), and road-trip enthusiast.

A movie based on his short story "Peekers" is currently in development through Lionsgate Entertainment.

And for more about Kealan, visit his site or find him on social media:

Website - Facebook - Twitter - Goodreads - Amazon Page

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