Monday 16 November 2015

REVIEW: Keith Deininger - The Blood of Talos (The Godgame #2)

Genre: Dark Fantasy
Publisher: A Meridian Codex Book
Publication Date: 1st October 2015
Pages: 229


A copy of The Blood of Talos (The Godgame #2) was sent to Confessions of a Reviewer by the author Keith Deininger in exchange for an honest review. This is said review. This book is published by Meridian Codex.

So book two in this epic tale from Keith Deininger. If you need to reacquaint yourself, you can read my review of the extended prologue, Marrow’s Legacy (The Godgame #0) here and book one, The Godgame (The Godgame #1) here. I use the term “epic tale” because this is what Mr Deininger wanted to achieve with this series of books. Has he hit his goal? Read on……

Nova is in ruins after the invasion of the Talosian forces. People are running in all directions. Although he doesn’t know it, Ash is on his way to Talos for reasons even he cannot fathom. Others thought dead, are rising from the ashes, to positions of power to unite what is left of Nova, and take it to Talos.

As both sides head for a battle that will leave one side victorious and the other wiped out, Trevor hangs on to his power by a very thin thread. Embla’s quest is still ongoing and Marrow has still to come.

The stench of evil is getting stronger. The confusion and the lies are never ending. Will Marrow ever come? Can he save anyone?

So if you are reading this review without reading the others, you may be a little confused. There is one easy way around that. Go read the other books, then pick this up and continue your love of this epic fantasy tale that will leave you breathless and gasping, nay, begging for more.

I remember reading about this story when Keith Deininger was just talking about it. It hadn’t been published and he was telling us all about this epic fantasy tale he wanted to tell. It all sounded wonderful when it was being talked about but sometimes it never materialises. This man has well and truly put his money where his mouth is and raised us all a bit more.

I am sitting thinking about what I have just read and there is so much I want to tell you but can’t for fear of giving away the story. Some of the characters in this one are the same as book one. I can’t tell you which ones though or again it will give the game away. All I will say is, never write a character off in this tale. You never know when or where they may pop up again. Alternatively, one you think is in for the entire story may not make the next page. You need to decide for yourself which of those statements is true because I ain’t telling you.

The plot is…..well…….I’m sorry I can’t tell you. Again, two reasons for that. One, I don’t want to spoil things and two, I’m still not sure where it is going to end up. One thing you will notice in this story is that Mr Deininger likes to lead you up a path to the answer you have been waiting for and just as you get near the end, someone reaches through the bushes, grabs you and puts you on a different path. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not confusing, quite the opposite actually. For a tale such as this it is a pretty easy read and flows very well. All the little parts fit together very snugly into one huge big tale. You know it’s all going to come together in one big bang somewhere along the line. You just don’t know where and what the bang is going to be.

So the one thing I can talk to you about, with confidence and without giving anything away is the writing, as in, the style and the quality. Superb! Both of them. Unbelievably superb. This, at times does not read like a Keith Deininger book. It is so different from anything I have read by him before you could be excused for thinking he has either been fooling us in the past or he has been beaten around the head with the inspiration stick. Either way, I’m loving what he is writing about the world of Meridian.

Beautiful. Emotional. Atmospheric. Mesmerising. Dark. Exciting. Picturesque. Bloody. Gory. Scary. All words that describe what you will read, not only in The Blood of Talos but in the whole story. There is a battle scene in this book that is huge. One character stands and watches it all from high up and a distance away. The descriptions of the battle itself and what he can see from his vantage point, paints a wonderful picture in your mind. You can almost feel the heat and the tension building. You can almost feel and smell the fear. When the blood starts to flow you can almost taste it. It is so vivid it is mind blowing.

Can you tell I’m enjoying this? Well I am. All but the cliff-hanger ending. Get writing the next part Mr Deininger and get it to us “Godgamers” toot sweet!

To summarise: the continuation of an epic fantasy tale set in a wondrous world of corruption and war and hope and longing and dreams. No review you will read will ever do this story justice. Just buy it, read it and thank me later.

General rating:

★★★★★ getting better and better!

Fantasy rating:

★★★★★ superb!

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Book Synopsis:

The territory of Nova is in chaos. The Talosian attack has left hundreds dead, the village of Fallowvane burned, and the Alexander family scattered. While her son is taken prisoner before the ruler of Talos for an insidious purpose, a determined mother emerges as the unlikely commander of the Novan militia.

Here a young girl leaves everything behind in search of a new life; a woman seeks the truth to a dark conspiracy; and a man without knowledge of its cultures and customs will enter the City with warning of a threat far deadlier than the war between Nova and Talos, something that already gnaws at the edges of Meridian, bringing with it the smell of rotting flowers, and death.

An award-winning writer of fantastic and disturbing fiction, Keith Deininger is the author of several novels and novellas, including THE NEW FLESHWITHINMARROW'S PIT, and THE GODGAME series. He was raised in the American Southwest and currently resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico with his wife, baby daughter Violet and four dogs.

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