Thursday 19 November 2015


So here we are again. Another milestone in the life of Confessions of a Reviewer. To be honest this is a milestone I never thought I would be in a position to achieve whenever I started this journey in February.

Yesterday, Confessions of a Reviewer hit 25,000 page views.

Again, my heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you who have visited in the past and continue to do so on a regular basis. I honestly cannot thank you enough.

I am just a little one man show doing everything by myself. All the reading, all the writing of the reviews and the many, many hours spent editing, formatting and uploading the content to make it fit for viewing by you, is done by me and me alone.

This, at times, makes it difficult to keep going. When all you seem to do with your spare time is dedicated to one thing, it can be tough and tiring and sometimes extra motivation is needed. Watching the viewing figures go up and up is one of the things I use as motivation to keep myself going.

I love reading and I love to able to share my thoughts on books with anyone who is willing to take the time to listen and hopefully take something away from what they read on my blog. The horror genre is my particular love and I hope some of my reviews will inspire you to buy something new from the plethora of indie authors we have around at the minute. These guys put their heart and souls into their work and they need all the support we can give them.

I know what I do gives joy to some. I also know what I do brings some people a certain level of distress for want of a better word. I would just like to say to those that may consider me to be “insignificant”…..I don’t care. I can sleep at night knowing everything I do and everything that is posted on my blog is done by me and comes straight from my heart and is produced with honesty and integrity. The fact that I am “monitored” in certain ways, points to the fact I may not be that “insignificant” after all.

There is room for everyone without the pointing of knives at backs.

To that end I want to keep going and I want to keep getting stronger and stronger. The blog suits me just fine at the minute but I am considering making Confessions of a Reviewer into a full blown website rather than just a blog in the future. I know there are people around who would support me in that and also help out where needed. For that I am eternally grateful.

So this is where you, the authors, publishers, publicists and presses come in. I’m not exactly re-opening for submissions at the minute but I am asking if you would like something posted on the blog.

It can be anything really. If you have something you just want to promote. If you have written a blog post that you would like featured somewhere. If you have a cover reveal you would like promoted. If you would be interested in an interview ahead of a new release coming out or even if you just fancy a chat about something and would like the public to see it……

Get in touch with me. I would love to hear from you and hopefully be able to work with you and help you in whatever way I can to get your books or your ideas a little exposure to the world. No matter how small.

If you are interested then please email me at

Again, thank you so much for continuing to support Confessions of a Reviewer and I hope you will continue to keep coming back.

And please, remember to tell your friends!




  1. Congratulations! Thank you for helping shine a light on us little guys!

    1. Thanks Feind! It's a big torch and I got plenty of batteries!

  2. Hey Nev! Always a fan here! I'd love to be able to email you with ideas or who I have on tour or am representing. I just assumed you might be too busy and usually you get to a book prior to me putting out about a tour for said're good like that. I don't want to bother you but I'd be happy to email. I've had my Oh for the Hook of a Book blog for about 5 years now!! I know all about the one person show and how long it takes to do it all!! I sectioned off my marketing business to take book clients about two years ago. But I know all the selfless and volunteer hours a blog takes. I completely understand and know you always have a friend in me! :)

    Erin Al-Mehairi, owner, editor, publicist
    Hook of a Book Media and Publicity

  3. Keep it up, Nev! Congratulations! I can't wait to keep following and hopefully bring you more books of my own to review :)

  4. Thank you Erin, Scarlet, Unknown (?) and Christina.

    I really appreciate it!