Thursday 20 August 2015


I know this is my blog and at the end of the day I want you all to read it and keep coming back to visit me and read my interesting articles, interviews and reviews. But, at the end of the day I am wise enough to know that there are many more sites out there doing the same sort of thing as me.

I like to keep Confessions of a Reviewer as unique as possible and do things slightly differently to some of the others out there. At the same time though, I believe there is room enough for all of us, IF we respect each other enough to get along and help promote and share each other.

That is the idea behind this post. I want to share with you some other sites that I pay regular visits to. These sites are run by some fantastic people, with either a huge knowledge of particularly the horror genre, fantastic reviewing skills or run the websites for their particular presses.

As well as supporting Confessions of a Reviewer, find some time to pay these guys a visit as well. You will find the links on the right hand side of the main page here in case you want to revisit them.

The Sinister Horror Company is a small press based in southern England. They are producing some fantastic books at the minute including Those Who Survive (Class Four #1) by Duncan P Bradshaw and the new charity anthology The Black Room Manuscripts.

Check out their link below to keep up to date with what they are up to.

If you sign up to their newsletter through the site, you will get a free copy of their book, The Offering as a taster.

Sinister Horror Company

Dark Chapter Press is another small press based in Northern England. This is another fantastic young press producing some equally fantastic books from the likes of Jack Rollins and his wonderful gothic / Victorian writing style with The Seance and The Cabinet of Dr Blessing to their newly released anthology, Kill For A Copy.

Again sign up for their newsletter at the link below to keep up to date with everything they are producing.

Kit Power is a writer / blogger. His blogs posts can be found almost everywhere but originate on his own site. His blog posts are a thing of wonder. He is also a fantastic reviewer and has guest reviewed on Confessions. 

Watch out for his debut novel GodBomb! Coming out in September. You do not want to miss that one.

David Dubrow is another writer / blogger.

David is the author of the fantastic The Blessed Man and The Witch.

His blog is fantastic for anyone interested in horror / fantasy books.

Each Friday David does a roundup of the most interesting blog and website posts for the past week. His site is well worth a visit for that alone.

Reapers Harvest Horror is a page on Booklikes run my good buddy Scot Leedom. 

He is another passionate reader / reviewer of all things horror and a fledgling writer as well. 

Keep your eye on his page for his reviews. He has an eye for a good read.

I also suspect we might be reviewing some of his stories in the future.

Reclusive Reads is another page on Booklikes kept in fine shape by the legend that is Jon Recluse. If you don’t know Jon, you should. He is probably one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever had the pleasure to meet in terms of the horror genre. What he doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing. 

On this page he shares reviews and his outstanding knowledge of the history of horror. If you are looking for something old to read, Jon is the man to ask.

Char’s Horror Corner is yet another Booklikes page run by the lovely Charlene Cochrane. 

Charlene, again, is like a walking encyclopaedia when it comes to books.

If she hasn’t read and reviewed it then it probably wasn’t worth it in the first place.

The Gal In The Blue Mask is a stand-alone blog looked after by Meghan Hyden. 

There isn’t much about blogging that Meghan doesn’t know. She features reviews, interviews and hosts book tours galore. 

She also offers editing services in case you ever need one.

Horror After Dark is a website hosted by Nikki Howard. 

This website is huge and Nikki, along with a host of others, provides reviews, interviews, giveaways and much much more and it’s all to do with horror!

In case you misplace the links they can all be found in a box to the right of your screen on the homepage of Confessions.

Obviously I would love you to keep coming back to Confessions of a Reviewer but don’t be shy and support these other sites as well. They are all good people doing wonderful things for the world of horror!


  1. Check this out to support authors, bloggers and small presses!

  2. Thanks for the recommendation and support! Much success to you and the bloggers you listed.