Wednesday 19 August 2015

SHOW-OFF AND TELL #5 - Duncan Bradshaw - Class Three and Class Four

Number five in the Show-Off and tell feature is one of my most recent acquisitions. It is definitely one of the most beautiful books I have ever gotten.

The Book of Ishtar or a limited edition hard cover that includes Class Three and Those Who Survive (Class Four #1) by Duncan P Bradshaw.

This book is stunning. Let me firstly say my pictures will never do it justice. You need to hold this thing in your hand to appreciate it’s true beauty and that isn’t likely to happen unless you come round my house….and wear gloves!

This Show-Off and Tell is actually two fold. I want to show off the book, but I also want to show you what you get when you order a book from the Sinister Horror Company. This press knows how to spoil you when you get something from them.

This is how the book arrives with you: (Huge thanks to Kit Power for letting me borrow this pic from him. I couldn’t wait to get at my book and tore the paper off before taking a picture!)

When you get the paper off, you don’t just get the book. You get yourself a lovely little bookmark, postcard and business card included. The postcard is relevant to the story in Those Who Survive but not telling you what!

This is the masterpiece itself. Beautiful.

Me trying to show it off from another angle but not doing it justice.

The limited edition signature sheet.

Both of these books are not only beautiful to look at. They are wonderful to read. Do yourself a favour and go buy them.

You can find the Sinister Horror Company here.

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