Friday 21 August 2015


Hello everyone. Just wanted to give you a little heads up as to some of the things coming up on Confessions of a Reviewer!

Next Monday 24th August I have a very special guest blog post to share with you, written by the writer of some of the darkest fiction I have read in years, Keith Deininger.

Keith has a new novel coming out by the name of The Godgame and it is being featured as part of Amazon’s Kindle Scout programme. Not sure what the Kindle Scout programme is? You will have to come along on Monday and get more info from the man himself!

On Tuesday 25th August I will be starting a three night feature with the up and coming British horror writer, Kit Power.

The first night will see Part One of an extremely in depth interview with Kit about his life in general and his writing. Night two on Wednesday 26th August will have Part Two of the interview where Kit will answer questions on his debut novel, due out in September, GodBomb! and of course take on The Ten Confessions!

Night three on Thursday 27th August will feature my review of GodBomb! Trust me you will not want to miss this interview or the review or the chance to click a link and preorder your very own copy. This is a book you must have on your shelf!

A lot of you probably don’t know (although I haven’t shut up about it for months on social media so a lot of you probably do) but tomorrow morning 22nd August I will be going into hospital for some surgery on my back. This has been a long time coming and I cannot wait to get it done and hopefully get rid of some of this pain I have had for over a year.

To be honest, I have no idea what shape I am going to be in when it is done and how long I will be totally off my feet for. For that reason I am temporarily closing down some aspects of the blog. I have a lot of content already uploaded and ready to publish so that should be a “one click” process to get it live. All of the posts listed above are part of that content.

The things I will not be doing are: paying any attention to emails coming in re submissions for reviews, interviews or any blog posts. If you are trying to get in touch with me, I apologise but I will not be looking at this stuff for at least a week or two. If you are waiting on a review to be posted, again I apologise but this may now take longer to get published than normal. If you have anything to submit, by all means send it in but nothing will happen with it until I am feeling fit and ready for it.

I should however have plenty of time for reading books I have already got and should have a nice long list of reviews to publish by the end of it all. I will let you all know when things are back to normal.

As always I thank you for supporting Confessions of a Reviewer and hope you will continue to come back for a look even when I am probably sleeping! Oh and remember to tell those friends!




  1. {{hugs}} and we'll be thinking of you. See you once you're vertical again!