Wednesday 28 September 2016

SHOW-OFF AND TELL #39 - Scream Horror Mag - My First Review

#39 in the Show-Off and Tell feature is a purely self-indulgent showing off of something that I achieved this year which makes me immensely proud and emotional.

My first review in a print version of Scream Horror Mag!

When I first started reviewing for Scream it was a huge honour for a magazine such as this to put their faith in a fledgling reviewer like me. It gave me a well needed confidence boost that what I was writing about books actually meant something to people who read my reviews. I am eternally grateful to Scream for giving me the opportunity to share with their subscribers my thoughts on what I read.

This is the edition I made it into:

Not only did I make it in with one review, I had two pages of my words printed in the magazine. The first review was of A Foxes Lament by Marc McGowan.

Flipping over the page gave me the surprise of my life when I discovered the second of my reviews in it for Island of The Dolls by Jeremy Bates. I have to admit to barely being able to hold the magazine I was shaking so much.

And here it is. My name in print for the first time ever in Scream Horror Mag!

To visit the amazing Scream Horror Mag and subscribe for either the print or downloadable version, or just to have a browse, visit the link below.

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