Thursday 11 August 2016


So in the spirit of spoiling you lot of Confessionors (I just invented that new term for you all. Better than calling you all my children. That’s just weird) I am very proud to announce the next instalment of the Confession Weeks as they are now apparently known.

From Sunday 14th of August Confessions will be hosting the Matt Darst week!

Who is he you may ask. Well hopefully by the end of the week you will know all you need to know and will have gone and picked up a couple of his books.

This little one all started with Matt submitting his latest novel, Freaks Anon for review. This people is one of the most wonderful books I have read in years. It is so fresh and fun and scary and loads of other things rolled into one that I know each and every one of you will absolutely love it.

It all kicks off next week with Matt’s Confessions of my Past, Present and Future piece on Sunday 14th August. This will be followed with an interview with Matt. Part One will be on Monday 15th August with Part two following on Tuesday 16th August. The week will of course be capped off with the Confessions review of Freaks Anon on Wednesday 17th.

Matt has very kindly agreed to donate all proceeds from Freaks Anon to the charity Stand Up To Cancer. When you read the review you will probably want to pick it up anyway but this is another great reason to do so.

Don’t forget to come along on Sunday night when it all starts and don’t forget to tell your friends!

Thanks again for visiting Confessions of a Reviewer!


All proceeds from the sale of this Freaks Anon will be donated to Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C). Private donations can be made at

Matt Darst’s childhood addiction to reading took a turn for the worst when he started writing…for fun. His experimentation with notebooks (a classic gateway) led to dabbling with typewriters. Soon he was hitting the hard stuff: word processors.

After law school, he decided to straighten out his life. He went cold turkey. He got a responsible job, a place in Chicago, and a dog. He surrounded himself with all the trappings of a normal life. Still…

Pen and pad call to Matt late at night, cooing his name, telling him to take another hit of fiction. Sometimes, when he’s weak, he heeds the siren call of the drug. He wakes from each blackout amid reams of freshly written pages, pages that have seemingly written themselves.

And for more about Matt, visit his site or find him on social media:

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