Wednesday 29 June 2016


So, whenever I set Confessions up, in February 2015, I did it for something to do. I was told I was quite good at this reviewing lark and I should do it, so I did. It started off as somewhere to put my reviews and keep them tidy. It led from one thing to another, and here we are today.

Sixteen months on and I have several features running alongside the reviews. 330 posts published. 63,500 hits. 22 interviews. I could go on and on with the stats.

Again I can’t thank you all enough for keeping coming back and keeping me going. To all the authors and publishers and presses that give up their time and energy and books, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Without your generosity I would have no content.

I have been a big bit behind lately hence why the website isn’t up and running yet. This will be rectified soon. I have two weeks off work in July and everything else is being put on the back burner until the site is up and running.

So this brings me to a point I never thought Confessions would reach. Even though I have been closed for submissions for about a year, you pesky authors keep bothering me and I just can’t say no to you. The backlog has reached a point I just cannot manage on my own, so, it gives me great pleasure to say the next bit:

Please welcome the two newest members of the Confessions of a Reviewer team!

Chad Clark and Alex Kimmell!

Now I asked these two fellas for a picture of themselves and a bio. I knew I would get a picture of sorts and I also knew what sort of bio I would get. You author types love to write novella’s and novels and reviews and guest posts but when it comes to writing something about yourselves, you are pathetic! They are the shortest bio’s I have ever seen.

Anyway, please greet them with open arms and give them mighty support as they help out with the reviews and bring their own unique styles to the site. I have been impressed with what I have seen from these two guys to date and I know they are going to give you well constructed, honest and spoiler free reviews so you will have even MORE to look forward from with Confessions. Links to their websites are on here as well so go have a look around!

Alex Kimmell

similar to most humans, alex kimmell is made from a high percentage of dihydrogen monoxide. he inhales oxygen and exhales carbon dioxide. to provide energy for survival, he consumes necessary resources. with his wife and two male offspring, he resides in the smallest american state. their two short legged canines keep the squirrels at bay.

he has nightmares...

visit him at

Chad Clark

Chad is a lifelong sufferer of a serious reading habit. His creative sensibilities grew forth from the likes of Tolkien, King, Anne Rice and John Bellairs, just to name a few. He is a published author of both horror and science fiction.

You can find out more at

I will highlight who has reviewed each book as it goes live now just so you know who says what about what. If you are an author or press or publisher, please feel free to ask for one of us specifically if you wish. We will probably all have our own favourite sub-genres to read, and review as well.

Again thank you all so much for your continued support. Watch out for the announcement on the full website opening towards the end of July.

Thanks for coming to Confessions. Tell your friends about us!


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