Wednesday 16 March 2016

SHOW-OFF AND TELL #24 - Dark Chapter Press - Scream Horror Mag

#24 in the Show-Off and Tell feature is slightly different. This week we have pictures of Issue 34 of Scream Horror Mag.

Why…..I hear you ask?

Well, in sticking with most of my posts this past week, it’s all about the wonderful fellas at Dark Chapter Press and in particular Mr Jack Rollins.

I make no secret of the fact that I love their books. For some strange reason Mr Rollins seems to like my reviews of his books and has used a couple of quotes from my reviews for a couple of his books.

Now he is an up and coming publisher with high ambitions, ones that I truly believe he will attain by the way, so where does an up and coming publisher pimp their wares to try and get the best publicity? Well apart from the just around the corner and brand new Confessions of a Reviewer Website, Scream Horror Mag is a pretty good place to start.

This is Issue 34 that the Dark Chapter Press advert was in:

So what has that got to do with me you scream? (See what I did there?)

Well luckily for me, Mr Rollins decided to include one of my quotes in the advert.

How cool is that? My name, and Confessions name in probably the hottest horror mag in the world!

For this, I cannot thank Jack Rollins and Dark Chapter Press enough. It’s very cool to be quoted on the inside or the outside of their books but to be included when they advertise in other places, especially somewhere as cool as Scream, well for a little old reviewer such as me, this is just immense.

Thank you, guys.

To visit or contact Dark Chapter Press, see their details at the bottom of the post.

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To buy any books from Dark Chapter Press, please visit:

To visit Scream Horror Mag, go here.

Founded on 1 August 2014, Dark Chapter Press is a horror Publisher with a mission to foster new talent and high quality speculative fiction.

Dark Chapter Press aims to find and develop new talent in speculative fiction and to guide new authors from manuscript to published work.

And for more about Dark Chapter Press, visit their site or find them on social media:

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