Friday 12 February 2016


So during the Facebook birthday party for Confessions’ first birthday, I subjected myself to some questions sent in from all of you lot.

This was an opportunity for people to get me back and make me confess to my deepest, darkest secrets. You didn’t disappoint.

As expected, the majority of questions did indeed get me back and I slowly realised that, contrary to popular belief, people do hold grudges when you put them on the spot.

We did have a few actual sensible questions and for those I am truly grateful. They took away some of the embarrassment for me.

Sorry that you have to look at me throughout these videos instead of my beautiful wife, Jo who was asking the questions. And what a wonderful job she did!

I can’t believe I am giving the opportunity for people to watch these again but, in case you missed them, here you go.

*****WARNING***** some of the discussions in these videos will not be suitable for younger ears!!

Video 1

Patricia Annette went straight for the kill!

Video 2

Evans Light asks the question that's on many a person’s lips.

Video 3

Evans again - I never knew this man was so funny! He has a little pink trike you know. Spray on hair?

Video 4

The old FMK with the choices of Kit Power, Kealan Patrick Burke or Jason Parent.

This question came from my beautiful wife. What was she thinking!

Video 5

Which Planet of the Apes films do I watch naked? WTF?

Indecent public shaving? WTF?

Riding motorbikes in knickers? WTF

What part of my body makes me cry? WTF

How many severed baboon fingers can I get in my mouth? WTF?

Why make tea with the tears of orphans? WTF?

And they go on........

Video 6

The first sensible question of the night. Matt Hickman asks about the validity of reviews.

Video 7

What was my favourite interview to do?

Who would I like to interview?

Video 8

Kev Kennedy asks a host of difficult ones to answer.

What book started it all?

What are my favs?

Video 9

Scot Leedom asks:

Does reviewing and blogging take much time?

Would I like a job in the book industry? You bet I would.

Rude authors? Do they exist?

Video 10

Maxine Groves asks:

Do I struggle to write reviews?

One Direction.

Cheeky authors?

Video 11

Evans asks a sensible one. What if my life was a story?

Video 12

Richard Mullen gives me a challenge and very generously offers money to a charity of my choice if I take it up!

What were the highs and lows?

So there you have it. Me confessing to some things. I thank each and every one of you who took the time to send questions in. I knew I was going to get it tough for a while. I have learnt a valuable lesson in life not to upset people just in case we do this again.

I also have to thank each and every person who came along to the party on the night. You made it a huge success for me and Jo and it was a lot of fun.

For the winners of the writing competition, I apologise that your stories have not appeared on the blog as yet but I am waiting on a special surprise for the winners that has been delayed a little bit. I am hoping that they will be up next week.

The last thanks has to go to Jo. Firstly, for putting up with me and secondly for all her help in the build up to the party, during it, and all the support since. I couldn’t do any of it without you Mrs M!

Thanks again for visiting Confessions of a Reviewer.


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