Saturday 6 February 2016


I am absolutely delighted to let you know that next week, Confessions will be hosting three nights of David Dubrow, for your viewing and reading pleasure.

David is a fantastic author of two of my favourite ever books, The Blessed Man and the Witch and his latest in the Armageddon series, The Nephilim and the False Prophet. These are both superb reads that more of you lovely people need to be picking up!

Starting Monday 8th February, I will have a two-night interview with David where he talks very candidly about his life, his writing, his love of all things bread, and of course his new book.

On Wednesday 10th February, I will be posting my review of the new book, The Nephilim and the False Prophet.

David has been a tireless supporter of Confessions right from the very beginning and it is an absolute pleasure for me to finally get The Ten Confessions thrown at him. He didn’t let me down!

Please come along and show your support and check out the reviews. I know a lot of people will love these books and should be picking them up!

I just want to mention a couple of other quick things.

If you didn’t manage to catch the Confession’s party on Thursday, you may not be aware of the winners of the writing competition.

They were as follows:

Jon Recluse – Best Overall Story

Scot Leedom – Best new talent – non author.

Jeffery X Martin – Best story – author.

Kevin J Kennedy – Best new talent – author.

Congratulations to all the entries but particular praise to the four winners. We will be posting the winning stories on the blog probably this week, along with a very special surprise for the four guys that, not even they know about yet!

If you didn’t catch the videos, you may have missed the fact that a good friend of mine, Richard Mullen (above), pledged £50 to a charity of my choice if I was to post a video of myself reading from 50 Shades of Grey.

For obvious reasons this would not be my first choice of book to read from but hey ho, it’s for charity. We are trying to organise this to happen as soon as possible and will keep you informed on a date and the charity involved.

If anyone else would like to donate to this by the way, let me know. We will be adding something ourselves and it would be great to get a little bit more money in the pot.

Thanks guys!


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