Tuesday 2 February 2016


OK guys, we have news on the Chris Barnes interview.

Chris and I have had a dummy run to figure out which system we are going to use for this, so that we can have some audience participation and also record the interview to post it on the blog for those who can’t come along, for whatever reason.

The upside of that is that it went very well. Chris could understand me and I could understand him. We talked about the weather and stuff. I just hope he got his recycling bin back after it blew down the street.

The downside of the system we are using is the fact that it is limited in the amount of people who can join in. Apart from ourselves, we will only be able to accept twenty-three other people to view it live and take part with live questions. We will, however, be recording it and posting it on the blog a few days later so that you will all be able to watch it at your leisure.

What we need now is names of people who would like a chance to get their hands on a Golden Ticket and take part, so that we can provide you with a link to join in. Due to there only being twenty-three spaces, this is obviously quiet an exclusive club, so there are some conditions. The main one is that you only ask for the link if you are definitely going to use it. The last thing we want is to give the link to twenty-three people, and no one turn up, and us to end up talking to ourselves. We will still do the interview but the whole point of this is that we want the audience participation.

The interview time is from 9PM to 11.30PM GMT on Saturday 6th February. No idea what time this will be where you may live but again please make sure you will be able to attend for most, if not all of it. The two and half hour window is just to give us time, if we need it. It may not obviously go on this long.

If you can manage this and want to come along then it will be on a first come first served basis so, please let me know by email to confessionsofareviewer@gmail.com if you want a Golden Ticket and I will let the winners know.

If you don’t think you will be able to make it, or know that you can’t, but would like to ask Chris a question during the interview, then forward it on to me at the above email address and I will make sure to squeeze it in on the night.

Thank you for your interest in this interview and we hope you enjoy it whether you make it to the live event or watch on catch-up!



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