Thursday 14 January 2016


Hi everyone. This is just a quick note to let you know about what I am planning for the first birthday of Confessions of a Reviewer!!

The actual birthday is on the 4th February. On that day I will be hosting a party on Facebook, sort of like all the book launch parties you may have seen on there in the past.

I will have competitions and prizes galore (I hope) (if some generous people step forward or answer my requests) in the way of e-books and possibly some others, so please come along and join in for some fun. You never know, you might pick up something you haven’t got or have always wanted!

Also this will give you all loads of time to send the *cough* pressies through to me for the blog staff! Of course these can be anything you want but the main blog person (me) would of course appreciate books (this is a joke by the way) and the blog secretary and all round beautiful side of the operation (Jo) would appreciate candles of any sort (preferably Yankee she says) and the shipping address will be supplied on request. (Also a joke)

As part of the birthday celebrations, I am also going to attempt something I have never done before!

On Saturday 6th February I will be hosting an interview with the one and only “Voice of the books!”, Chris Barnes!

The difference with this interview is, we are going to do it live, on Google Hangouts, which means you can watch it live and also take part if you want to! During the interview, I will be asking Chris some general questions about himself, his reading and his work talking us through books. You will also have an opportunity to ask Chris a question or two if you would like. We would also like to have some suggestions for Chris to do short readings in different accents and styles. These can be anything from a shopping list to your kid’s school report! If you have any suggestions for this, then please email me at

Chris has kindly agreed to go along with whatever is thrown at him (he doesn’t know this yet but does…….now) and we will try and make this as informative and fun as we can for you all.

If any other plans come to fruition for birthday celebrations I will of course let you know.

Thanks again for visiting Confessions of a Reviewer!!


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