Thursday 10 December 2015


So the time has finally come. Confessions of a Reviewers first ever Books of the Year has arrived!

Starting next Sunday, I will be publishing what I consider to be my favourite books of the year. I will be doing this in categories and then, on the final night, I will list what have been my favourite reads this year whether a full novel, a short story or a collection.

I have tried to limit this to my favourite five in each category. In some this has been difficult so you will have to excuse me if there are a couple of categories that may have more than one book in one of the top five positions.

It has been a difficult decision to make. When I started reading this year, I had a target of fifty-two books. One a week. I have actually read one hundred and fifteen that are eligible for this year’s Books of the Year. Not bad going giving the amount of time I couldn’t read because I was zoned out on painkillers.

I have listed below the categories I have decided on and the nights that I will be publishing my lists.

I am smart enough to know that some of my choices will not be books that a lot of people would choose. This, for me, is what makes the world of reading such fun. Hopefully I will mention something you haven’t read and you can pick it up to see if I was right or wrong.

So please come back on Sunday to see what conclusion I have come to and hopefully support some of the authors mentioned if you haven’t already picked the books up.

Sunday 13th December – The Oh So Closes!

This is a list of books that, although they didn’t make the top five lists, I think deserve a mention.

Monday 14th December – The Anthologies!

This is a list of books that include short stories or novellas by different authors.

Tuesday 15th December – The Collections!

This is a list of books that include short stories or novellas by the same author.

Wednesday 16th December – The Shorts!

This is a list of my favourite individual short stories or novellas.

Thursday 17th December – The Thrillers!

This is a list of what I class as thrillers although some of these may have an alternative theme in them as well.

Friday 18th December – The Horrors!

This is a list of the top scary ones.

Saturday 19th December – The Overall Top Five!

This is a list of my overall favourite books of the year. This will be made up of the winners from each category in my order of preference.

Please pop in for a look on each night. You never know, you might pick up something new!