Wednesday 28 October 2015

SHOW-OFF AND TELL #12 - Pete Kahle - The Specimen

#12 in my Show-Off and Tell is a book I read last year that totally blew me away. The Specimen by Pete Kahle.

Pete is the man who brought us Widowmakers, the James Newman benefit anthology. That book proved what a fantastic editor he is and showed exactly how an anthology should be put together. The Specimen shows off his skills as an author and believe me, this book is up there with the best of them.

Now I have always wanted a copy of this one from the day I read it. I just never got around to getting it. This one came to me completely out of the blue. Pete contacted me one day and felt a bit sorry for me when I was recovering from my back surgery and asked for my address to send me a copy as a combined get well soon and birthday present.

How could I say no to that!

As you can see he has added his own little artwork as well but one thing my pictures will never do justice is the way this book is put together. The fonts used and the little graphics throughout are just beautiful. This is one that is going to take pride of place on my shelf!

If you would like to help support Confessions of a Reviewer then please consider using the links below to buy The Specimen or any other books from Pete or indeed anything at all from Amazon. This not only supports me but also lets me know how many people actually like to buy books after reading my reviews.


Pete Kahle has been dreaming about writing novels since his teens, but after flirting with the idea in college, he spent 25 years working in a variety of careers before he finally stopped talking about it and started writing.

He has lived in New York, Arizona and Spain, but now he resides in Massachusetts with his beautiful wife Noemi, his two amazing children Zoe and Eli, one dog, two hamsters, two guinea pigs and two frogs.

Pete is a voracious reader of horror, thrillers and science fiction novels and he writes in the same vein. He is also an insane fan of the New York Jets, despite living deep in the heart of enemy territory near Gillette Stadium.

THE SPECIMEN is his first novel, but it certainly will not be his last. He is currently working on BLOOD MOTHER, a stand-alone vampiric novel - without vampires - due out in the spring of 2015. On the horizon is THE ABOMINATION, Book 2 in the Riders Saga, and most likely a 3rd book in the series with the tentative title of THE HORSEMEN.

Pete most recently organized and edited WIDOWMAKERS, an anthology of dark fiction and poetry to help fellow author James Newman in a time of need.

Now that the dark closet in his subconscious has been opened, the monsters are clamoring to come out for a visit.

And for more about Pete, visit his site or find him on social media:

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