Saturday 18 July 2015


I am delighted to announce that starting this Sunday (tomorrow. Sorry for the short notice), I will be posting an interview I managed to bag with Mr David Bernstein.

This is part of the build up to the launch of David’s two (yes two) new books. Part One of the interview will be posted Sunday 19th July with Part Two the following night Monday 20th July. Night three on Tuesday 21st July will feature my review of the first of the books to be released, Skinner, which is out on Tuesday itself.

The interview will also see David answering some questions on his second book, Goblins, to be released on 4th August. I was originally going to publish the review of Goblins as part of this feature but decided to keep it until its actual release date.

As always, the interview will feature some very candid questions all about David’s life in general, his writing, the two new books and of course The Ten Confessions although I am calling this one The Nine Confessions because no matter how hard I try I cannot squeeze an answer from David for one of them.

Please remember to drop in for this interview and review with another Confessions virgin and tell anyone you know that would be interested in finding out about David.

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