Tuesday 3 February 2015

REVIEW: Glen Krisch - Arkadium Rising ( Brother's Keeper #1)

Genre: Horror
Publisher: JournalStone
Publication Date: 5th Dec 2014
Pages: 284


I have made no secret in the past of my love of the writings of Glen Krisch. I make no apologies for it and after reading his latest book, Arkadium Rising, I intend to start shouting it from the rooftops again.

Marcus and Jason Grant are brothers. Jason the sensible one holding down a steady job and doing the chores for mom and dad, Marcus the younger, rowdier one driven by a life of crime and drugs. No one has seen Marcus in a long time when his ex-girlfriend Delany comes looking for Jason. She has heard from Marcus and wants Jason’s help to go get him. When they find him, Marcus seems to be the leader of a band of religious fanatics who all seem to be members of some strange doomsday cult. Marcus and his band are to set in motion a process that will end the world as we know it. Jason has to decide whether to run from Marcus, or run with him.

And there ends what I can say about this book without giving too much away. This is the first book in a trilogy that fans of Mr Krisch like myself have been waiting for with bated breath. The end result is a story that still gets you holding your breath from cover to cover.

It’s a story about the end of the world as we know it. A post-apocalyptic novel if you like. That’s not all it is though. This first part of the trilogy sees us introduced to the main characters in the story but when you start reading, don’t be expecting them to all make it through this first third. This is written in such a way that you grasp the different personalities very easily. There is just the right amount of time taken to introduce each individual so that you think you have known them for years. As it flits back and forwards to different groups at different times, it fits perfectly together. In the run up to the conclusion of this portion of the tale, it reaches fever pitch and raises many many questions leaving you wondering where it will lead to and who will be involved and in what capacity. It’s a wonderful cliff-hanger ending but at the same time would work as a stand-alone novel. One that leaves you thinking about it for a long time when you finish it.

As well as being a novel it raises so many questions about the society we live in today and the type of people we walk amongst. It will make you ask questions of yourself, about your behaviours, your desires, everything that you take for granted and the direction your life is taking you. The biggest question of all is asked near the ending – is what you have believed in all your life the right and true way? I can’t wait for the next instalment to find out.

It’s dark. It’s thrilling. It’s edge of the seat stuff. It’s harrowing at times and enlightening at others. It’s Krisch.

General rating: 

★★★★★ Absolutely loved it and will come highly recommended.

Horror rating: 

★★★ Creepy with one or two jump out of my seat moments.

You can buy Arkadium Rising ( Brother’s Keeper #1 ) here:

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Book Synopsis:

The Arkadium’s time has come. A religious cult intent on setting history back ten thousand years, destroying modern man’s domination of the planet.

Growing up, the Grant brothers were close, but as they reached adolescence they drifted apart, taking opposite paths into adulthood. Straight-laced Jason works for a small town newspaper. Marcus is into drugs, violence, and self-destruction.

Marcus finds salvation and sobriety when he joins the Arkadium and reaches out to his brother, wanting him by his side to record the new prehistoric era, Arkadium’s era. Jason faces a choice, join his brother in the destruction of humanity, or die like one of the millions of innocents who will fall in the Arkadium’s ascent.

Glen Krisch has written three novels: The Nightmare Within, Where Darkness Dwells, and Nothing Lasting.

His short fiction has appeared in publications across three continents for the last decade. Dog Horn Publishing (U.K.) will publish his story collection debut in 2012.

He is also an editor for Morrigan Books. As a freelance editor, he has worked on books by Tim Lebbon and Lawrence Block, among others.

He enjoys speaking with other readers & writers. 

Glen's authors page is here.

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